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94mt asked: i wasn't shamelessly promoting my blue blog sarah :') gosh and omg anon yes we love you very much

it’s a fab blue blog though omg idk how you do it so diligently 

;A; and yes anon we saranghae you ♥ 

what if its sonya or ellen or i need to stop omg it’s just a great anaon ♥♥

akumii asked: omg no that wasn't me bAHAHAHAHA WHO WAS THAT

ohmygod anon we lav you den ♥♥♥

are you shamelessly promoting your blue blog zenlyn

i want to say shame on you but it’s super pretty so-


익명 회원 asked: rtgftkfyjhfygtdrsefrzkvjhgfrzxjcgkvhjhgfxcvbkvhhvkvhkvhjhxfyxf

omg dshggkasgdsADFKASGDAJSdggjasDGAHSGhsgfdfgjhdfghjdfsgfjkdhskdfldf;ldfkjl;kshkljsjkj;k

is this zenlyn telling me off for not keeping up with the blog ;A;